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“TOPAKETA – ENCUENTRO” con Atades Huesca, y Sonería

Atades Huesca es una asociación de personas con discapacidad y sus familias que apostó por la musicoterapia como herramienta terapéutica hace más de 8 años. Durante estos años hemos desarrollado sesiones individuales y grupales en cada uno de los 6 centros que componen la asociación, repartidos por toda la provincia.

Hace 4 años que decidimos poner en marcha el proyecto de “El Coro de Atades Huesca”, en respuesta a la demanda de algunos usuarios, profesionales y familias de mostrar y hacer tangible el proceso de “transformación” que los chicos y chicas del coro estaban realizando a través de la música. Desde entonces hemos combinado el trabajo clínico con el comunitario, y el coro ha autoevolucionado, creándose, recreándose y creciendo, formando una red cada vez más grande de personas a las que nos encanta cantar y ver como todo a nuestro alrededor, y dentro de nosotros, mejora cuando cantamos juntos. 

El año pasado nos invitaron a actuar en un “encuentro” muy especial que tuvo lugar en el Teatro Victoria Eugenia de San Sebastián junto al Coro Easo y el Ballet Verdini. En este vídeo podéis ver un trocito de aquella experiencia tan emocionante y enriquecedora.


El próximo domingo 25 de mayo, a partir de las 12.00 hrs, El Coro Easo nos devuelve la visita y estaremos actuando juntos en la sala principal del Palacio de Congresos de Huesca con la Orquesta Ciudad de Huesca.

¡¡Estáis todos invitados!!

Nota: El Coro de Atades Huesca, está dirigido por Sara Escuer y los musicoterapeutas de Sonería.org (Carlos Purroy, Laura Lisi y Elvira Martín).

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Ce dernier a amass quatre passes toutes forces en trois

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(Which may be the first time she ever looked at an ingredient

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And just like any weapon that’s chosen by the military

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You can preview and recover the deleted data easily

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Trump aides had initially focused mostly on devising ways to

Speaking to ANI, PG Sasikumar Varma, a Pandalam Palace representative, said, that their decades’ old rituals can’t be broken with latest Supreme Court’s verdict. “This verdict has not only broken the beliefs of lakhs of devotees here, but from across India. We are raising our voices against the top court’s verdict in order to safeguard Lord Ayyappa,” he added..

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When asked if Farhan will return to helm the much awaited

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Many view corporate philanthropy as an important element

LANCIANESE: Now any child care provider, from home schooling parents to private school teachers, can shop the Teacher Supply Swap twice a week and take up to five tote bags of gently used goods. A teacher’s first visit is always free. After that, there is an annual membership fee.

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The experts I spoke with say that best moncler jackets is

Gayle was in devastating form in the tournament, amassing 608 runs in 12 matches that deservedly got him the Player of the Tournament award. He missed out in the final against Chennai Super Kings here Saturday, getting out for a duck in the team’s 58 run loss. The big hitting Jamaican, however, was floored by the love he got from fans in India..

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In our tiny and remote village

In our one on one discussion, Dr. Schweitzaddressed my criticisms and I hers, and we could easily have talked for canada goose outlet new york city an hour or more. I enjoyed our give and take and have plans salecanadagooseoutlets to continue our discussions when I canada goose factory outlet return to Chicago. NYU Snaps is supposed to help make a sprawling city school more intimate. People first arrive at this school, they come to canada goose outlet store the realization canada goose outlet uk sale that being a student at NYU can be incredibly exciting, but also really daunting, and at times, pretty lonely because we don have a campus, the creator says. Wanted to strip away a lot of that anxiety that affects students and say, you go to school with over 40,000 amazing people, and you can get to know them through self deprecating humor and guilty pleasures.

Canada Goose Outlet 1.) First, there was no fungus in the ant brain, though it was present throughout the body. This really was a surprise, as everyone expected that the fungus would glom onto the ant brain, and that was the way it controlled its behavior. Instead, there canada goose outlet was fungus everywhere else in the ant, especially in the muscles. Canada Goose Outlet

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cheap Canada Goose First thing’s first: While closely connected, your vulva and vagina are two different things. “The vulva is the outside, and the vagina is the canal,” says Dr. Swica. This is not the first time a black public figure has turned to a Republican president. Dangling political power in front of black militants in exchange for complicity is something Republican presidents have done canada goose outlet sale with black activists for decades. West’s words sound almost exactly like the words of James Brown and other Black Power activists who abandoned the movement in favor of the Nixon administration, exchanging their activism for federal funding, political positions canada goose outlet or simply a chance to align with power.. cheap Canada Goose

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canada goose coats It reminded me a lot of my time in Kledzo, Ghana, where I volunteered in my last year of university. In our tiny and remote village, the kids would collect the garbage from our hut, and turn our seemingly useless trash into something they could use. That empty tub of face wipes? It became a dustbin. canada goose coats

canada goose clearance sale On goose outlet canada Aug. 31, Army Spc. Kevin Shumaker, 24, died of rabies after being bitten by a stray dog in Afghanistan. Coyne selected my short description of Last Chance to See as the winner (thanks again for the signed copy!). It warms me to know that that book has brought you as much pleasure, laughter, and sadness as it has done for me. Procol Harum, Doctor canada goose outlet toronto factory Who). canada goose clearance sale

Canada Goose Jackets I showed this picture before but I show it again. This is Catherine canada goose outlet black friday King, Ashley mother, official canada goose outlet who displayed cardboard canada goose outlet in usa cutouts of her late daughter at the press conference she held after being convicted for a misdemeanor (reckless endangerment) and given three years of unsupervised probation and 150 hours of community service for making a martyr of her child. The child doesn’t really die because he or she isn’t physical Canada Goose Jackets.